Deirdre models a vintage style hat and jacket by PaddyK

Deirdre models a vintage style hat and jacket by PaddyK

Handmade Accessories: 


How we present ourselves is a reflection of who we are. We want our appearance to reflect our unique selves: the individual we have been in-training for our entire life. With a long history of evaluating and creating flattering options for every facial and body type, PaddyK creates accessories for women with this sense of personal expression.

Come to the studio or to a show, share your needs and leave with a breathtaking complement to your everyday or special occasion outfit. We design and make glorious hats, scarves and handbags, as well as some jackets and jewellery. You will get a one of a kind, handmade accessory that enhances your personal style. 

Custom work is available, by appointment only. Call or email to book your spot on our schedule.

phone: (519) 438 - 7215

Artist's Statement:

Twenty years ago I began to combine my experience in costume with my fascination for embroidery by designing and making elaborately embellished  costumes. Since then, my work has evolved through many explorations of technique in textile art.

I incorporate my original textile art pieces into the hats and bags I craft from high end materials. This creates works that can be viewed as art and also used practically, as an adornment. It is terrifying to make that first cut into one of my richly layered tapestries of fabric, paint, dyes and thread in order to transform it into a piece of wearable art. However, the results are worth it when I see the finished piece on the wearer. This final combination of art and body is always my favourite.


Patricia Richardson (Paddy) is a Canadian textile artist, born in the Niagara Peninsula. Interspersed between her studies in fashion design, fabric design, embroidery and arts education at various institutions such as The Academy, the Royal Conservatory of Music, Sheridan and Fanshawe Colleges, and Western University, she pursued a career as a costume designer and maker. In this field she practised and developed a wide variety of artistic textile techniques. After many years in this area, Patricia sustained a spinal injury and was told by her Doctor to stop practising the heavy costume work she had been doing daily and to " on nothing heavier than a hat". Taking him literally, she undertook the Millinery Certificate programme at George Brown College. Patricia now produces fashion and home accessories. Using her own patterns and designs, she dyes and paints the fabrics, cuts and manipulates them into shape and combines them with techniques such as embroidery and beading into unique art pieces.

Patricia holds a BA, and is a Certified Artist/Educator as well as a Certified Milliner. She teaches and has published articles on embellishment and design.

Awards: Queen’s Plate Millinery Award. Second Runner-up, 2015



The Muse Shop, at Museum London

Museum London is located at 421 Ridout St. North, in downtown London, Ontario

at the intersection of Dundas and Ridout Streets, overlooking the Forks of the Thames River.


Boutique Firenze

Fine Italian Gloves and Scarves, and Unique Artisan Gifts

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Paddy is a certified Artist/Educator and is excited to share her knowledge of textile techniques.

Previous workshops have included: Millinery flowers with French flower irons, bias roses, applique for stage,

painted applique for creating dimension, and free motion machine embroidery.

Please email for more information.